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Last week Mr. Baby had his first visit to a Carousel.


Once we were done, we walked downtown for lunch. On the way past the carousel…


This past weekend we had a “real” snow for our area, and we made a snowman. Our snowman would have had a lot more buttons except that Mr. Baby refuses to wear the adorable mittens that I knit for him or use his pockets so his hands got too cold to touch any more snow. He thought the carrot nose was pretty funny.


The dogs just thought I was being Crazy Lady. They humor me.


I finished some newborn size baby socks from the new Cat Bordhi sock book. These will go to a coworker who is due any day now. The yarn is nothing worth mentioning, something cotton/wool/nylon that has been around the house for years. Perhaps I will make a matching hat.



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There went January

It is snowing/raining this afternoon and I am sitting at the dining room table realizing that it has been almost a month since my last post. I will start with the dog news:

I have another project:


This is Nikko, an American Eskimo Spitz puppy. He was 12 weeks in this picture, now he is 14 1/2 weeks and still very fluffy, not quite as white. He has surgery last week to repair a portosystemic shunt (PSS). His surgery was last week, and so far he is doing great. In another 6 weeks or so we will know if his liver will be normal long-term. He needs a home!  I am having fun clicker training him and once he is 10 days post-op and has his sutures out, we can start to let him run around more. Mr Baby loves him. He is great with kids.


What a good Mr. Baby dog trainer!

Twig and I got a double Q at the Rose City Classic on MLK day. Saturday’s Standard run was a disaster, I was tentative running her since I was worried she would hurt herself on the mat surface. I had never run on that surface, so I misinterpreted her slow turns as pain and things just turned into a train wreck. In Jumpers I had pulled it together, and on Monday I just stayed ahead and ran. She loves that. Only 4 more QQ’s to go for our MACH.  I think I know what I need to do now. Practice is less important than confidence at this stage of our working relationship.

Knitting has been slow and steady, a relief after the Christmas rush. I worked to meet a baby shower deadline and just missed it as the yarn was slower to arrive than anticipated.


The yarn is Zen String Sutra in the Granola Funk colorway, the pattern is the Picky Pants pattern from Little Turtle Knits. Newborn longies are done in a flash! I am not that happy with the kitchner stitch that I did on these, but comfort in the crotch region is beside the point when you have a nice thick cloth diaper between you and the seam. I am now working on some newborn baby socks from Cat Bordhi’s new book New Pathways for Sock Knitters. No pictures uploaded yet.

Mr. Baby has a new chair, very good for sitting at the table for eating, drawing, and catching up on world events. He is going to be so disappointed when I tell him he won’t be able to vote until the 2024 election.


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Agility 2008

In the spirit of the New Year, I have several agility goals.

1. Practice with Twig for 10 minutes 3 times per week. She and I can’t stay a team unless we practice.

2. Trial at least 8 times.

3. Maintain conditioning and physical therapy exercises with Twig so that she can continue to compete in spite of her past shoulder injury.

4. Practice with Jax this spring (short, highly rewarded sessions) and trial this summer outdoors to see if he can enjoy agility again.

Those are my thoughts today. This afternoon I will set up an easy jump arc for Twig and do her physical therapy exercises. I would love to get her MACH this year, hopefully achieving the above goals will make that a reality.

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