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Neither of us were Nostradamus, but we were close enough. I didn’t really believe it until his acceptance speech (I cried), and it was still real the next morning when I went out to get the paper. I’ve never before listened to a politician speak without feeling cynicism or annoyance or depression. I feel more hopeful since Tuesday.

Last week I dyed some yarn. Last year I ordered some Knit Picks Bare worsted weight yarn with grand plans that I have since forgotten. I dyed 3 skeins to make a Christmas gift and planned to make boring black but ended up having much more fun.

I used two colors, steel gray and black (Landscape dyes in Granite and Black, purchased here). I didn’t have enough black to dye 12 oz. of wool, so I decided to start with the gray and used all I had left. I submerged all the wool in the kettle after adding the gray, then added 1/2 the black that I had dissolved in a jar of hot water and hung the yarn over the pot like this:

dye yarn #1

You can see the jar with the second half of the black dye waiting. I kept the yarn here until the water was almost to a boil, then turned down the heat and raised the yarn up like this:

dyeing yarn #2

I gently moved the yarn up and down at each transition to blend the colors. With the yarn here, I added the second half of the black dye and approximately 1 cup of white vinegar to help draw all the black dye into the fibers. I simmered for about 20 minutes, then turned off the heat and let cool for several hours.

After rinsing and drying:

yarn drying

After reskeining:

black/gray yarn

The gray stands out so much considering it was only about 15% of the overall color.

And finally, knitting on the mystery item has begun:

black/gray yarn knitted

Leo got new boots.

leo new boots

And Nora is happy in handknits.

nora in bjorn


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