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Snowy Days

There was ice last weekend. We lost power for the day and night last Sunday. We packed up the van with all the living creatures in the house and went to my parents’ house for the night.

icy branches

Twig surveying the scene at our house.

snow and twig

leo and orange dump truck

We came home late Monday afternoon and were grateful for electricity. From the comfort of home, I love snow.

snow trees

The stockings are hung, the gifts wrapped, the house is clean (enough), and the snow is falling. Merry Christmas!


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The son of a knitter should never be without mittens! It is finally snowing at our house this morning, we missed out on the “special weather event” that has been affecting the rest of the Pacific Northwest earlier this week. It was cold, but no snow until today. Leo actually wanted to wear mittens the other day, and I could not find them! So I took a brief break from Christmas knitting to produce this little pair.

leo's little mittens

(Knitting Pure and Simple #253 Basic Hat and Mitten Set for Children, in Socks that Rock mediumweight “Fire in the Mountain” colorway on size 2.5mm for ribbing and 2.75mm needles)

I modified this pattern heavily to use a fingering weight wool, I cast on for the largest size and used the length measurements for the smallest size. They fit Leo perfectly with a little room to grow.

The dogs love the snow.

dogs in snow

The ducks and geese usually get locked up behind an electric net fence every night, but with the cold they have not wanted to leave the relatively warm water. (Don’t tell the neighborhood predators.) I love that the geese have snow on their backs.

snowy geese

Nora has a cold and has been sleeping all day, not very photogenic. Leo and I made cookies earlier this week. You can see that he had already measured the flour.

leo measures brown sugar

We have chocolate chip cookies and mittens, now we are ready for winter.

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Although in college I would have considered this warm weather, here in Oregon we are unused to days in which water does not drip from the sky or eaves or leaves, let alone several of them in a row. All schools are closed, all the valley has snow, but our house at 500 feet elevation has no snow. Bummer. I have been bringing warm water to the birdbath and watching the little birds this morning. The ducks and geese are happily swimming snug and warm in their down outfits.

Christmas knitting is going well. I need to remember to take pictures, I have already sent a package to relatives in Canada and forgot to take pictures. In the meantime, more pictures of Christmas preparations. Leo decorated all the cards this year, and took his job quite seriously.

leo helping with cards

Watching the Christmas tree get baled- it was snowing so hard the tree was chosen in record time. I was not out in the tree fields, which is what made such decisive speed possible.

leo in snow

Nora is very happy to have a Grandma who knits warm things for her! This is a Knitting Pure and Simple pattern, not sure which one.

nora's purple pants

Christmas is just going to be so much fun this year.

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Not a secret

There is only one thing that I am working on that is not a secret. I am doing quite a bit of knitting for Christmas this year, even before maternity leave and saving money I like to make gifts in the spirit of the season.

This is going to be a very comfortable, ankle-hugging sock for someone who has pretty much already guessed what his handknitted gift will be.

manly sock

I really like working with the Knit Picks Essential sock yarn. It is soft for a nylon blend, I hope it wears well. This is a kettle-dyed colorway, Timber. The pattern is a free Ravelry download, “Manly Socks” by HannaSix. It is a slipped rib pattern and is quite stretchy.

Other than this, all knitting is secret, so I will distract you with a few cute family pictures.

Nora watching the Civil War (OSU vs. U of O for all you non-Oregonians) Game. She likes to sit up.

nora on couch

Leo and Raggedy Andy play with the rescue center.

leo and rescue center

Look Tanker Truck, Christmas Lights!

look at the lights tanker truck

It is a beautiful day today, Nora and I are off to have some shopping adventures!

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