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Snowy Days

There was ice last weekend. We lost power for the day and night last Sunday. We packed up the van with all the living creatures in the house and went to my parents’ house for the night.

icy branches

Twig surveying the scene at our house.

snow and twig

leo and orange dump truck

We came home late Monday afternoon and were grateful for electricity. From the comfort of home, I love snow.

snow trees

The stockings are hung, the gifts wrapped, the house is clean (enough), and the snow is falling. Merry Christmas!


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A poem for St. Brigid

In honor of The Feast of St. Brigid and the Bloggers Silent Poetry Reading, here is one of my favorite poems.

The Dream of Now

When you wake to the dream of now

from night and its other dream,

you carry day out of the dark

like a flame.

When spring comes north, and flowers

unfold from earth and its even sleep,

you lift summer on with your breath

lest it be lost ever so deep.

Your life you live by the light you find

and follow it on as well as you can,

carrying through darkness wherever you go

your one little fire that will start again.

William Stafford

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The relaxing time

I have been calling this week the relaxing time in my mind since Christmas is done, F is home from work on vacation, and I am relaxed. The giant purple thing was finished and mailed in time for Christmas, it is on the other side of the country keeping the recipient warm and purple. Perhaps I will be able to post an action photo after our next visit.

I made Mr. Baby a Waldorf doll for Christmas. It was from the Little Love Doll kit from Joy’s Waldorf Dolls and it came together fairly easily, especially considering my absolute lack of hand sewing (really any sewing at all) skills.


My mom helped me by making the little outfit or I never would have finished on time. He feels better to hold and hug than a commercial, non-natural fibers doll.

I will now rave about the yarn I got from Zen String. It is the Nirvana yarn (BFL and Merino blend) in the Aspen colorway and I LOVE it! Here are the mittens and hat for Mr. Baby.


I used the Knitting Pure & Simple Basic Hat & Mitten Set for Children (253) in the Children’s 2-4 size. The hat fits his 19 month old head just fine with room to grow, the mittens are big. This colorway is gorgeous and the yarn is soft but sturdy. The colorsĀ  compliment everything in his wardrobe. So far, this is the quintessential boy colorway in my opinion.

I also made felted slippers for my nephew, which are still a work in progress and a hat using the same pattern and some acrylic/nylon boring blue yarn. He will get a Zen String hat just as soon as she restocks and I am lucky enough to check my email and get to the site in time to get some yarn. For the last stocking I saw my email 2 hours after she sent it and all the Nirvana was gone.

Happy New Year!

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