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Christmas pictures

Not much knitting going on lately. I’ve been able to go outside more with Nora, the weather has been warmer and she is plumper. We have had an epidemic of broken water pipes to the outbuildings which are gradually being fixed today. Nora is getting so much better with her hands, and she will be rolling over soon. I am not in a hurry for her to grow up, but she is doing it anyway.

Christmas was in two parts, the 25th we had Grandma and Grandpa here. Leo knew Christmas would be exciting, he loves to go in to say good morning to Nora.

christmas morning

cars from Santa

nora and grandpa

nora and grandma

A new easel to play with…

thank you aunt lisa

We did presents with the whole family the weekend after New Year, Leo got to play with his cousin.

rocket at christmas

And Leo said “More presents?” all day long… He was a Christmas monster.

leo opens present

nora and miss lion

I have told myself that I will not cast on any new projects until the Christmas socks are done, but I am weary of knitting with tiny dark brown yarn. The next post will be about newly finished socks, my goal will be to come back here before the end of January!


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Although in college I would have considered this warm weather, here in Oregon we are unused to days in which water does not drip from the sky or eaves or leaves, let alone several of them in a row. All schools are closed, all the valley has snow, but our house at 500 feet elevation has no snow. Bummer. I have been bringing warm water to the birdbath and watching the little birds this morning. The ducks and geese are happily swimming snug and warm in their down outfits.

Christmas knitting is going well. I need to remember to take pictures, I have already sent a package to relatives in Canada and forgot to take pictures. In the meantime, more pictures of Christmas preparations. Leo decorated all the cards this year, and took his job quite seriously.

leo helping with cards

Watching the Christmas tree get baled- it was snowing so hard the tree was chosen in record time. I was not out in the tree fields, which is what made such decisive speed possible.

leo in snow

Nora is very happy to have a Grandma who knits warm things for her! This is a Knitting Pure and Simple pattern, not sure which one.

nora's purple pants

Christmas is just going to be so much fun this year.

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